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The Six Inn Hotel *** Mini Spa is an oasis of tranquility and relaxation. The different services offer relaxing hours and rejuvenation, find out personally more about these positive effects.

Our Wellness area is open every day between 10:00 - 20:00. The entrance fee costs 10 EUR / person / day. No private usage is possible, CCTV controlled area! Swimsuits and slippers are compulsory! Changing room and shower is at your disposal.


The jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi, based on the world-famous spa system hydro-massage technology, is a tool for good health and perfect relaxation in the modern world of wellness. The water is not in vain the source of life, the effect it has on body and soul at the same time is unique. The massaging water jet consists of the adequate mixing of the air and high temperature, which optimally enhances relaxing effects achieved in the bath, like blood circulation, the increased oxygenation of blood, which is ideal for optimizing muscle relaxation.


Forget everyday stress. The wood-paneled sauna is ideal for gathering thoughts. The infrared rays strenghten the immune system. The infrared rays penetrate deeper into the skin warm up the body and make their effect also positively beneficial on the mood, depression and pre-stress.



There are few occasions when people have a little tear-of from the daily stress and tensed monotone, compliance-driven expectations.
The Six Inn Hotel*** different massage services are an excellent opportunity for relaxation and rebalancing.

The massage therapy has an excellent stimulant and tonic effect on the body as a physical or mental fatigue as well. The massage is a healthy stimulant which amounts to a cold shower.In a short time the body uploads a new energy, giving flexibility to the body. The fatigue disappears,the freshness returns to the body and the activity as the concentration rises as well.

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